Orange Tea

We produce our products with certificates ISO 9001-22000 and BRC. as USAS family, we always box in accordance with the customers’ wishes and designs, it is constantly renewed. It is produced in the European Union and American standards.

One of the main reason of why Usaş succeed in a short time is importance for quality. In this scope, production studies performed abou delights that will not harm people health. R&D activities shaped as suitable of “more healty and delicious delight”, so start packacing delights with airtight packets that is providing more freshness. Turkish delight products doesn’t include Gluten, so all kinds of people can consume with trust.

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As Usaş family, we contributed introducing our traditional delight to worldwide with over 50 years of experience. We transported traditionally optimal delights that is an important factor of Turkish dessert tradition, to world without going out of traditional recipe and production principles!
Soo, delicious

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