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It is not very likely to hear other names but some names about Turkish Delight in Turkey and world. Usaş who has long history, produce with large experience and knows what exactly customers want, always stay close to innovate its skills without get far from originality. This is the main reason that why we are one of the most succesful name in our country and worldwide. For example when somebodys says Turkish Delight, most of people will think about same name. Especially about Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight, our name is a legend. If we want to tell about Usaş and its delicious Turkish Delights, we need to turn back to 1970’s. The company firstly founded in the place where all warm friendships and neighbourhood happen as a little hard candy workshop. Hüsnü Uslu’s workshop developed its traditional methods and started to create difference. This is also makes other legendary delicious delights real. While Hüsnü Uslu’s workshop continues its development with special recipes and traditional methods, also supports production process with the development in marketing and sales. Thus, more people will find to chance of meeting this taste and the company will reach today’s status. Today Usaş’s delight’s taste cross the limits of our country. Also Turkish delight and especially chocolate covered delight’s production is performing with care in sale, marketing, packaging and dispatching process and after this much hard working, delicious delights presenting to you. Quality and success are not lean on coincidence. When care and hard working, years of experience and savings come together, the result can not be bad.

So, if you wanted to ask that what makes Usaş delights different, how much can a delight be different, we can present a long list. Because about delight, maybe this much care and work can surprise you, but you will understand that the quaility is not a coincidence. First we tell about Usaş delight’s taste. Our delights producing without leaving traditional methods and recipes, using no gluten and with various development works. This situation draws attention of a large mass with unvarying taste. Today it is hard to reach brands who produces delight traditionally and tasting special tastes. Also Usaş quality proved by documents and warrant systems that no other brands have. ISO 9001 – 22000 and BRC quality warranty systems presents you Usaş. Thus, you can consume and recomment these products that you are sure about traditionality and taste. Also with lots of different and delicious. If you haven’t try yet, you must try chocolate delight. Because of we are using real chocolate and getting fully taste of chocolate affects the taste of delight. Chocolate alike products wouldn’t give you the real taste. But in our way, you can find the chance of tasting the most delivious recipe.

Usaş delight, today is not only the most consumed in domestic market, also in the overseas market, it get intense attention. Such that, the company has export network to over 40 different country. Really wide network, particularly European countries, including England, American market and much more points that the routes of Usaş exporting network. In short, when delight mentions in the world, Usaş comes to mind, it’s name and taste just exactly in the Turkey. Experience that since 1970s created the first step of todays delicious delights, spectacular hard candy becomes great delights with the reinterpretation of traditional recipes without moving away from originality. Delight is an essential for Bairams, Ramadan Month and all special visits, also Turkish coffee’s best friend. And it is essential for deep conversations, the best gift in asking girl for marriage ceremony and the most beautiful occasion of the palate, Usaş transmit to you with lots of kinds. While you are choosing one of our products, do not forget to try chocolate delight which has the most special recipe. Because very different chocolate delights are waiting for you.

The company prodeces with the permission of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs as suitable for Turkish Food Codex, and is a leader in domestic market. Also it is growing in overseas market day by day. It is also growing with the presentation in airtight package. So products that both more healthy and can reach wider audience. Production that extremely care of hygiene, stand firm of traditionality and with high quality standarts. Also R&D labours keep developing without moving away from traditionality. Actually this feature must be on delights. Because delight presents a culture all by itself. Delight always a has place in our history and is often mention with good memories. Still today when we eat a delicious delight, old beautiful memories can comes to eyes. It can immortalize some memories like odors. So it is not possible to change ingredients with not traditional ones. It is a necessity that improvement works of these tastes as more quality. Ultimately time is passing, people and expectations change to this way. So companies must keep pace with change.

Lastly, it will be right thing to tell about variety of Usaş delights. Famous worldwide famous delights have lot of kind varieties. After classic mixed fruit delights, firstly rose delight comes to mind. Maybe it is right to harmonise rose delight with traditional delight taste. Because it is an very old taste. One of the Ottoman Empire period’s splendent taste. In the other hand, Usaş’s savour Turkish delight, pistachio Turkish delight, chocolate covered rose delight or chocolate covered mint aromatic delights are mouth pleasing of customers. You can buy these kind of products with packaged or open. Also you can reach pasha delight and other different and unique aromas. Thus, Usaş have product range that can not easily described. It is hard to exceed this range. It has such a variety that with each one of product you can experience different tastes. You can taste and reach traditional tastes like chocolate delight, plain aromatized delights or pistachio covered delights with Usaş. Do not forget to taste these tastes that spread out of worldwide. The best thing to present your guests and the best friend of your coffee will be Usaş delights.

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As Usaş family, we contributed introducing our traditional delight to worldwide with over 50 years of experience. We transported traditionally optimal delights that is an important factor of Turkish dessert tradition, to world without going out of traditional recipe and production principles!
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The company’s founder in 1970 with the leadership of Hüsnü Uslu hard candy with sugar in a small workshop production of the traditional story begins with the changing and developing itself as a taste of turkey conditions maintained over time. Current business is based on the production of Turkish delight.

Our company has achieved remarkable recognition Usas Turkish Delight the brand to the consumer himself. Our brand both domestically and abroad, exclusive market, nuts and pastry is. Turkish delight is not only on our activity allows us to be better than us on this issue. Both the network marketing, sales and after sales service satisfaction appeals. Turkish delight new generation of producers in the sector, our company leads change and improvements. Ottomans to the present day with a cultural heritage and the “Turkish Delight” constantly renewing itself in the production of so-called Turkish delight. As a company, on the development of Turkish delight has been used to examine both the consumer as well as to continue the tradition of ordinary people the foundation they are the subject of retailers who sell at retail, and most importantly, the Turkish delight was the delight of all the world markets is helping to get into easily. Turkish delight in the industry such as manufacturers of all products of our age are required to produce Usas brand standards and are manufactured with technology.

The world’s most exclusive flavors and recipes have been able to survive till today. The best example for our country is lokum without a doubt. Magnificent rendezvous of sugar, starch and water generates lokum and has taken its present shape after various historical processes but also managed to maintain its conventionalism to a certain degree. Especially Usas lokum is regarded as the most successful example in this sense and proves its credit with 40 different sale points all around the world. Lokum is emerged in 15th century and quickly spread to Anatolia, which then has become the special flavor of the palace; it is soon named as sultan sweet. Special recipes, special masters and dazzling fruits and flowers formed the core of lokum and have been the foundation of today’s recipe. Today, you can capture those qualities in Usas lokum that will take you to the most beautiful periods of history

Enchanted smell and taste of lokum has begun with a sugar candy story at Usas in 1970s. Husnu Uslu’s small but charming sugar candy shop began to concentrate in lokum production and has transformed into a giant lokum manufacturer. Today, it is very easy to experience the company’s quality and the flavor of lokum. A small shop has reached into a global brand and everyone – local and foreign – has benefited from this flavor. You can reach to Usas lokums in extremely attentive packing and prefer it as a gift to your loved ones that will give them a great smile. At the same time you can choose any kind of lokum as an ideal complement of the most pleasant conversations and delicious coffee. Usas presents its lokums which always kept its freshness and uncompromised its quality with long years of experience. You cannot hide your admiration across the variety of lokums and they are the best complement to your delicious treats. Besides it is the traditional flavor that elders cannot stop talking about.. As unchanging taste and address of lokum, Usas continues to maintain our values and introduce Turkish delight to the world with all full steam

We produce our products with certificates ISO 9001-22000 and BRC. as USAS family, we always box in accordance with the customers’ wishes and designs, it is constantly renewed. It is produced in the European Union and American standards.

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As Usaş family, we contributed introducing our traditional delight to worldwide with over 50 years of experience. We transported traditionally optimal delights that is an important factor of Turkish dessert tradition, to world without going out of traditional recipe and production principles!

One of the main reason of why Usaş succeed in a short time is importance for quality. In this scope, production studies performed abou delights that will not harm people health. R&D activities shaped as suitable of “more healty and delicious delight”, so start packacing delights with airtight packets that is providing more freshness. Turkish delight products doesn’t include Gluten, so all kinds of people can consume with trust.

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